This page was exported from Lead2pass 100% Valid Exam Questions PDF Free Download [ ] Export date:Tue Dec 1 11:10:11 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [Lead2pass New] VMware Exam 2V0-621D PDF Dump Free Download In Lead2pass (71-80) --------------------------------------------------- I was very confused about selecting the best practice test website when preparing for my 2V0-621D certification exam. Luckily, a friend told me about I passed the 2V0-621D exam from the first try. Excellent website for free exam dumps! Following questions and answers are all new published by VMware Official Exam Center: QUESTION 71An administrator is having a problem configuring Storage I/O Control on a Datastore.Which two conditions could explain the issue? (Choose two.) A.    A host is running ESXi 4.0.B.    An ESXi host does not have appropriate licensing.C.    The vCenter Server version is 5.0.D.    The vCenter Server License is Standard. Answer: ABReference: QUESTION 72Which three are requirements for configuring Storage I/O Control (SIOC)? (Choose three.) A.    The datastore must consist of only one extent.B.    The datastore is managed by a single vCenter Server.C.    Auto-tiered storage must be compatable with SIOC.D.    Auto-tiered storage must be SSD or SATA.E.    The datastore must be VMFS. Answer: ABCExplanation:Storage I/O Control (SIOC) is used to control the I/O usage of a virtual machine and to gradually enforce the predefined I/O share levels. SIOC is supported on Fibre Channel and iSCSI connected storage in ESX/ESXi 4.1 and 5.0. With ESXi 5.0 support for NFS with SIOC was also added. Datastores with multiple extents or Raw Device Mapping (RDM) are currently not supported.Reference: QUESTION 73Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator wishes to provide Load Balanced I/O for the device shown in the Exhibit. To meet this requirement, which setting should be changed? A.    Storage Array Type Policy = VMW_NMP_RRB.    Path Selection Policy = Round Robin (VMware)C.    Storage Array Type Policy = VMW_SATP_RRD.    Path Selection Policy = MRU (VMware) Answer: BExplanation:In round robin (VMware) the host uses an automatic path selection algorithm rotating through all available paths. This implements load balancing across all the available physical paths.Load balancing is the process of spreading server I/O requests across all available host paths. The goal is to optimize performance in terms of throughput (I/O per second, megabytes per second, or response times).Reference: _san_systems/c_setting_a_path_selection_policy.html QUESTION 74Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator is configuring a storage device as shown in the Exhibit. What is the expected effect on the stated device after running the command? A.    I/O will rotate on all storage targets regardless of port group state.B.    I/O will rotate on all storage targets that are Active Optimized state only.C.    I/O will rotate on all storage targets that are Active Unoptimized state only.D.    I/O will rotate on all storage targets that are on Available Nodes only. Answer: BExplanation:When the command is run, I/O will rotate on all storage targets regardless of port group state. QUESTION 75An administrator is upgrading an ESXi 5.5 host to ESXi 6.x and gets the following error: MEMORY_SIZE What does this indicate? A.    Insufficient memory on the ESXi host to complete the upgrade.B.    Insufficient memory for Auto Deploy to complete the upgrade.C.    Insufficient memory in vCenter Server to complete the upgrade.D.    Insufficient memory for Update Manager to complete the upgrade. Answer: AExplanation:When you install less than 4GB of memory, Memory_Size error occurs because ESXi host requires at least 4 GB of memory. QUESTION 76An administrator is upgrading an ESXi host from 5.5 to 6.0 and runs the following command: esxcli software vib list --rebooting-image What does this command show? A.    VIBs active after a reboot.B.    VIBs that require a reboot.C.    VIBs that are in the boot image.D.    VIBs that are third-party. Answer: AExplanation:The command shows that the VIBs are active after a reboot. QUESTION 77An administrator is performing a silent automatic update of VMware Tools on a Windows virtual machine.What syntax needs to be entered into the Advanced Options box? A.    /s /v "/qn" /l "c:Windowsfilename.log"B.    --prefix=/usr/local,/usr/lib,/usr/doc --silentC.    --prefix=c:Windows,c:VMtools --silentD.    /fs /v "/qn+" /l "c:Windowsfilename.log" Answer: AExplanation:One way to determine the component values to use is to run the interactive VMware Tools installer with full logging turned on, select the components that you want installed, and then search the log files for the ADDLOCAL and REMOVE properties. The log files show the names used by the program.Reference: QUESTION 78An administrator is writing a kickstart script to upgrade an ESXi 6.x host.In which three locations can the script reside? (Choose three.) A.    NFSB.    USBC.    HTTPD.    TFTPE.    PXE Answer: ABCExplanation:The installation script ( ks.cfg) can reside in any of these locations:FTPHTTP/HTTPSNFS ShareUSB flash driveCD/DVD deviceReference: QUESTION 79Which file determines the location of the installation script during a scripted upgrade? A.    boot.cfgB.    ks.cfgC.    script.cfgD.    upgrade.cfg Answer: AExplanation:You can Modify the boot.cfg file to specify the location of the installation or upgrade script using the kernelopt option. QUESTION 80What three supported methods can be used to upgrade a host from ESXi 5.x to ESXi 6.x? (Choose three.) A.    vSphere Update ManagerB.    vihostupdateC.    esxcliD.    vSphere Auto DeployE.    esxupdate Answer: ACDReference: More free Lead2pass 2V0-621D exam new questions on Google Drive: Thanks for the high quality 2V0-621D study guide. 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