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Storage QOS maximum throughput limits can be defined in terms of:

A.    IOPS only
B.    MB/s only
C.    IOPS or MB/s
D.    IOPS and MB/s

Answer: C

The aggregate relocation feature allows an administrator to move a __________.

A.    Data aggregate to any node
B.    Root aggregate to any node
C.    Data aggregate to the HA partner
D.    Root aggregate to the HA partner

Answer: C

In clustered ONTAP 8.2, which statement is true about backup vaults?

A.    Only work on qtrees
B.    Work on all volumes
C.    Only work on FlexVol volumes
D.    Only work on Infinite volumes
E.    None, clustered ONTAP doesn’t support SnapVault

Answer: C

What is the supported speed and frame size on the cluster interconnect?

A.    1 Gb / 1500 mtu
B.    1 Gb / 9000 mtu
C.    10 Gb / 1500 mtu
D.    10 Gb / 9000 mtu
E.    No specific requirements

Answer: D

Which statements are true of licensing in clustered ONTAP 8.2? (choose all that apply)

A.    The base license is still required and is based on the node count
B.    Licenses are node-locked
C.    Length of license is 14 characters
D.    Length of license is 28 characters
E.    HA functionality doesn’t require a license
F.    HA functionality requires a license

Answer: BDE

The network interface show command output lists the value of “false” under the “Is Home” column. False signifies the LIF __________. (choose all that apply)

A.    is disconnected
B.    has failed over
C.    is administratively disabled
D.    has been migrated
E.    is currently being migrated to home node

Answer: BD

What type of LIF is used to replicate between two clusters?

A.    node
B.    cluster
C.    intercluster
D.    cluster-mgmt
E.    data

Answer: C

Which logical interfaces have failover and online migration capabilities in a different node? (choose all that apply)

A.    Cluster
B.    Cluster management
C.    Data (FC, iSCSI)
D.    Data (CIFS, NFS)
E.    Node-management

Answer: BD

How many cluster ports per node are supported in clustered ONTAP 8.2?

A.    One
B.    Two
C.    Three
D.    Four

Answer: B

Which commands can be used to create a data Vserver? (choose all that apply)

A.    vserver configure
B.    vserver setup
C.    vserver set_up
D.    vserver make
E.    vserver create

Answer: BE

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