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A.    20B.    21C.    69D.    123 Answer: C QUESTION 627Which of the following ports would Zach, a technician, need to open on a firewall to allow SSH on the default port? A.    20B.    21C.    22D.    23 Answer: C QUESTION 628Which of the following ports is the default telnet port? A.    20B.    21C.    22D.    23 Answer: D QUESTION 629Which of the following ports would have to be allowed through a firewall to allow SNMP traffic to pass on its default port? (Select TWO). A.    22B.    23C.    143D.    161E.    162F.    8080 Answer: DE QUESTION 630Which of the following has a maximum transfer rate of 54Mbps and operates at the 5GHz frequency? A.    802.11aB.    802.11bC.    802.11gD.    802.11n Answer: A QUESTION 631Kim, a network technician, is installing an 802.11n network. Which of the following should Kim enable to ensure that the network only allows 802.11n clients? A.    Name the SSID on the 802.11n network onlyB.    Limit the DHCP address poolC.    Disable 802.11b and 802.11gD.    Only use WPA encryption Answer: C QUESTION 632Zach, a technician, is installing an 802.11n network. Which of the following should he disable to stop broadcasting the network name? A.    ChannelB.    WEPC.    SSIDD.    WPA Answer: C QUESTION 633Which of the following default services uses TCP/UDP port 88? A.    LDAPB.    IGMPC.    HTTPD.    Kerberos Answer: D QUESTION 634Which of the following ports should be allowed through a firewall to allow DNS resolution to occur to an outside DNS server? A.    20B.    53C.    80D.    3389 Answer: B QUESTION 635Which of the following uses port 53 by default? A.    RDPB.    QoSC.    DHCPD.    DNS Answer: D QUESTION 636Which of the following ports does DHCP use? (Select TWO). A.    22B.    23C.    67D.    68E.    69 Answer: CD QUESTION 637Lisa, a network administrator, needs to allow all websites to be accessible by the sales team for business purposes. Which of the following ports need to be enabled on the firewall? (Select TWO). A.    23B.    25C.    53D.    80E.    443 Answer: DE QUESTION 638Lisa, a technician, is asked to not allow FTP traffic on a network. Which of the following ports should be blocked on the firewall to achieve this? A.    21B.    22C.    23D.    25 Answer: A QUESTION 639Which of the following ports are MOST commonly used to interactively configure a networking device? (Select TWO). A.    21B.    22C.    23D.    53E.    67 Answer: BC QUESTION 640In order to reduce spam email, Kim, a network administrator, changes the standard SMTP port from which of the following port numbers to port number 587? A.    20B.    21C.    23D.    25 Answer: D QUESTION 641A company would like all HTTP traffic to filter through a proxy server on port 8080. Which of the following port numbers needs to be redirected through the proxy server to accomplish this? A.    20B.    80C.    143D.    443 Answer: B QUESTION 642A company wants to only allow incoming HTTP and HTTPS traffic on their public wireless network. Which of the following port numbers should be the only allowed open ports on the firewall to accomplish this? (Select TWO). A.    20B.    80C.    143D.    443E.    8080 Answer: BD QUESTION 643An organization has installed a new firewall. Users need to have access to remote websites and must be able to use SSH to retrieve files from remote locations. Which of the following actions should be taken on the new firewall? (Select TWO). A.    Allow UDP port 21 outboundB.    Allow UDP port 22 outboundC.    Allow UDP port 80 outboundD.    Allow TCP port 21 outboundE.    Allow TCP port 22 outboundF.    Allow TCP port 80 outbound Answer: EF QUESTION 644An organization recently installed a firewall on the network. Employees must have access to their work computer from their home computer. In which of the following ways should the firewall be configured? A.    Allow TCP port 3389 outboundB.    Allow UDP port 3389 inboundC.    Allow UDP port 3389 outboundD.    Allow TCP port 3389 inbound Answer: D QUESTION 645An organization recently installed a firewall on the network. Employees must be able to send and receive email from a POP3 server. In which of the following ways should the firewall be configured? (Select TWO). A.    Allow TCP port 23B.    Allow TCP port 25C.    Allow TCP port 110D.    Allow UDP port 25E.    Allow UDP port 110 Answer: BC QUESTION 646Which of the following protocols uses port 3389? A.    IMAPB.    DHCPC.    SSHD.    RDP Answer: D QUESTION 647Kurt, a network technician, has configured a new firewall on the network. Users are reporting errors when attempting to access several websites. Kurt attempts to access several popular websites with no errors, however, he does receive an error when attempting to access a bank website. Which of the following rules would BEST allow access to the bank website? A.    Allow UDP port 53B.    Allow TCP port 80C.    Allow UDP port 340D.    Allow TCP port 443 Answer: D QUESTION 648A network technician has configured a new firewall to allow TCP port 80 traffic and deny UDPtraffic. Users have reported that they are unable to access Internet websites. The technician verifies by attempting to access a popular website. Which of the following will MOST likely correct the error? A.    HTTP uses UDPB.    DNS port 23 needs to be allowedC.    HTTP needs port 443 allowedD.    UDP port 53 needs to be allowed Answer: D QUESTION 649A network technician needs to address bandwidth issues on the wireless network. There are currently four 802.11n access points. The technician would like to increase the bandwidth. Which of the following would be the BEST solution? A.    Disable SSIDB.    Channel bondingC.    MIMOD.    Increase the signal Answer: B QUESTION 650An administrator is receiving reports from an executive that the executive's wireless access point loses the signal frequently, even though the WAP is on the executive's desk. The office contains four other 802.11n access points. Which of the following would MOST likely correct interference problems in the executive's office? A.    Turn off SSID broadcasting for the executive's access point.B.    Replace the 802.11n access point in the office with an 802.11a access point.C.    Change the channel on the access point to channel 11.D.    Turn off as many lights in the executive's office as possible to reduce interference. Answer: C More free Lead2pass N10-006 exam new questions on Google Drive: Thanks for the high quality N10-006 study guide. 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