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A.    RDPB.    NTPC.    POP3D.    SMTPAnswer: D QUESTION 602A network technician is configuring a wireless network. To avoid interference from other wireless networks in the area, the technician should change which setting? A.    ChannelB.    SSIDC.    Firewall ruleD.    Encryption Answer: A QUESTION 603A user is unable to print to a network printer. Which of following is the FIRST step that a technician should take to troubleshoot the issue? A.    Identify the problem.B.    Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem.C.    Establish a theory of probable cause.D.    Implement preventative measures. Answer: A QUESTION 604Which of the following is a purpose of a VLAN? A.    Decreases bandwidth on a networkB.    Segments broadcast trafficC.    Increases port speedD.    Allows another connection to the router Answer: B QUESTION 605Which of the following would Sandy, a technician, find in a network map? A.    QoS standardsB.    MDF/IDFsC.    System logsD.    Firewall rules Answer: B QUESTION 606Which of the following protocols would be used to send email to an email server? A.    NTPB.    FTPC.    SNMPD.    SMTP Answer: D QUESTION 607Which of the following default ports would need to be open on a firewall to allow remote desktop access? A.    143B.    443C.    3389D.    8080 Answer: C QUESTION 608After plugging a cable into a computer, a user reports there is no network access. Which of the following tools would the technician MOST likely check to verify that the cable was crimped correctly? A.    Punch down toolB.    Cable certifierC.    Loopback plugD.    Toner probe Answer: B QUESTION 609Which of the following DNS records would allow for a website to have more than one FQDN? A.    TXTB.    PTRC.    MXD.    CNAME Answer: D QUESTION 610A small office home office (SOHO) customer is going to be replacing their switch. The customer also wants to add a WAP in a dropped ceiling; however, there are no power outlets above the drop ceiling, but there is a CAT5e network jack. Which of the following technologies should the new switch have to allow this WAP to be placed where the customer requests, without any other major changes to the environment? A.    PoEB.    Layer 3 switchingC.    STPD.    VLAN Answer: A QUESTION 611Tenants access multiple wireless networks in a building. Users report intermittent connectivity. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem? A.    The channels are overlapping with other wireless networks and should be changed.B.    The SSIDs are incompatible and should be renamed.C.    The users have incompatible wireless network cards and should upgrade.D.    The default idle period for logoff is too short and should be changed to a longer limit. Answer: A QUESTION 612A network administrator is configuring PXE boot to reimage a computer lab. Which of the following must be configured on the existing DHCP server to specify the IP address of the imaging server from which the clients must boot? A.    ScopeB.    ReservationC.    OptionD.    Lease Answer: C QUESTION 613Which of the following network topologies would be the BEST choice in providing network redundancy for an organization? A.    StarB.    HybridC.    MeshD.    Point to Point Answer: C QUESTION 614Which of the following network performance optimization methods allows for frequently accessed sites to be housed locally, thereby reducing bandwidth requirements? A.    Load balancingB.    Traffic policingC.    Caching enginesD.    Traffic shaping Answer: C QUESTION 615A network technician suspects that there is an issue with the routing table on a Windows- based server. Which of the following commands will enable the technician to validate this hypothesis? A.    route printB.    routeC.    ipconfigD.    tracert Answer: A QUESTION 616During business hours, users at a small office are reporting that all of a sudden they are unable to reach any host on the Internet, but they can still use the network shares to transfer files within the office. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the outage? A.    Wrong gatewayB.    Failed routerC.    Bad switch moduleD.    Incorrect VLAN Answer: B QUESTION 617A small business owner is in the process of setting up a SOHO office. The office has only one connection to the Internet via a broadband cable connection. The office has four subnets that must be able to connect to the Internet. Which of the following devices would enable the owner to meet these requirements? A.    A firewallB.    A routerC.    A hubD.    A Layer 2 switch Answer: B QUESTION 618Matt, an administrator, notices a flood fragmented packet and retransmits from an email server. After disabling the TCP offload setting on the NIC, Matt sees normal traffic with packets flowing in sequence again. Which of the following utilities was he MOST likely using to view this issue? A.    Spam filterB.    Protocol analyzerC.    Web application firewallD.    Load balancer Answer: B QUESTION 619Which of the following BEST describes how a layer 2 switch functions? A.    Switches packets within the same subnet based on MAC addressesB.    Switches packets between different subnets based on IP addressesC.    Switches packets between different subnets based on MAC addressesD.    Switches packets within the same subnet based on IP addresses Answer: A QUESTION 620Jeff, a technician, has been asked to add a subnet to the company's LAN. Which of the following interfaces on the router will be modified? A.    FastEthernet 0/0B.    AUX 0C.    Console 0D.    Serial 0/0/0 Answer: A QUESTION 621Jeff, a network engineer, is troubleshooting an issue where clients are not receiving IP addresses from a new, properly configured DHCP server on another subnet. Statically addressed clients can get onto the same network with no issues. Which of the following is causing the issue? A.    Incorrect VLAN taggingB.    Missing helper addressesC.    Wrong default gatewayD.    Improper routing protocols Answer: B QUESTION 622Which of the following subnet masks would allow for and to be in the same subnet? A. Answer: A QUESTION 623Jeff, an administrator, has just finished installing a new switch and connected two servers with IPs of and .30. The servers are able to communicate with each other, but are unable to reach the Internet. Jeff sees the following information in the switch configuration: interface VLAN 105IP address Jeff is able to ping the router at from the switch. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem? A.    The subnet mask is incorrect.B.    A routing loop has occurred.C.    Jeff used a crossover cable to connect the switch to the gateway.D.    The server is missing default-gateway information. Answer: D QUESTION 624Kim, a user, took a laptop on vacation and made changes to the configuration in order to use the device at the hotel. She can reach the Internet, but cannot access any internal network resources.Which of the following is the MOST likely reason? A.    Incorrect DNSB.    Incorrect subnet maskC.    Duplicate IP addressD.    Incorrect SSID Answer: A QUESTION 625Which of the following is the default subnet mask for a Class B address? A. Answer: B More free Lead2pass N10-006 exam new questions on Google Drive: At Lead2pass we verify that 100% of the N10-006 exam questions in exam test prep package are real questions from a recent version of the N10-006 test you are about to take. 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