This page was exported from Lead2pass 100% Valid Exam Questions PDF Free Download [ ] Export date:Thu Jul 2 12:40:21 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [January 2018] Lead2pass 2018 100% Real 300-320 Exam Questions 537q --------------------------------------------------- Lead2pass 2018 New Cisco 300-320 Braindump Free Download: QUESTION 1What is the maximum number of routers that each OSPF area (including the backbone) should contain? A.    30B.    10C.    50D.    100Answer: C QUESTION 2What is the maximum number of neighbors that a router should have in an OSPF area? A.    5B.    30C.    60D.    99 Answer: C QUESTION 3Which technology allows multiple instances of a routing table to coexist on the same router simultaneously? A.    VRFB.    Cisco virtual routerC.    instanced virtual routerD.    IS-IS Answer: A QUESTION 4Which first-hop redundancy protocol that was designed by Cisco allows packet load sharing among groups of redundant routers? A.    GLBPB.    HSRPC.    VRRPD.    VSS Answer: A QUESTION 5Which routing protocol provides the fastest convergence and greatest flexibility within a campus environment? A.    OSPFB.    IS-ISC.    BGPD.    EIGRP Answer: D QUESTION 6A network engineer wants to connect two sites via a WAN technology and to securely pass multicast traffic over this WAN technology. Which WAN technology should be configured? A.    IPsecB.    GREC.    pure MPLSD.    GRE over IPsec Answer: D QUESTION 7A network manager wants to securely connect a new remote site to the existing headquarters site using a VPN technology that meets security requirements. Which VPN technology should be used? A.    GREB.    IPsecC.    remote-access VPND.    L2TP VPN Answer: B QUESTION 8Which VPN technology is tunnel-less? A.    GET VPNB.    DMVPNC.    MPLSD.    IPsec VPN Answer: A QUESTION 9Which type of connectivity is required for VPLS? A.    full meshB.    partial meshC.    starD.    busE.    ring Answer: A QUESTION 10Which protocol should be run on the LAN side of two edge routers (that are terminating primary and backup WAN circuits) to provide quick failover in case of primary WAN circuit failure? A.    VTPB.    STPC.    VRRPD.    RIP Answer: C 300-320 dumps full version (PDF&VCE): Large amount of free 300-320 exam questions on Google Drive: You may also need: 300-101 exam dumps: 300-115 exam dumps: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2018-01-12 08:31:30 Post date GMT: 2018-01-12 08:31:30 Post modified date: 2018-01-12 08:31:30 Post modified date GMT: 2018-01-12 08:31:30 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from