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Which installed with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Email Router?

A.    Email Integration Service
B.    Exchange Web Services
C.    folder-level tracking
D.    Rule Deployment Wizard

Answer: A

Which service can you categorize as a Back End Server role?

A.    Email Integration Service
B.    Help Server
C.    Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Writer service
D.    Deployment Web Service

Answer: D

You are working in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises implementation with the following settings configured:

– Connected to Microsoft Exchange on-premises for email processing.
– Server-side profile is created and working as expected.
– Each users email has been approved.

User records were created before Microsoft Dynamics CRM was configured to use server- side synchronization.
You need to ensure the existing user mailboxes work with server-side synchronization.
Which two actions should you take? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Use the bulk edit option to apply the default email setting to all mailboxes. Once applied, the mailboxes will automatically be tested and enabled.
B.    Use the Apply Default Emails setting feature to set the default for all mailboxes, test and enable the mailboxes, and set the synchronizing organization if needed.
C.    Configure system default email processing and synchronization.
D.    Use the Apply Default Emails setting feature to set the option to process emails only for approved users, set the default for all mailboxes, test and enable the mailboxes, and set the synchronizing organization.

Answer: BC

You are establishing Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) to support a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premises deployment.
You need a certificate to support the various Microsoft Dynamics CRM instances and tenants accessed via AD FS.
You will use a publicly trusted certification authority to acquire a certificate.
You need to identify which type of certificate will be required for multiple servers.
Which type of publicly trusted certificate allows multiple servers to use one certificate to identify each server?

A.    claims security token service issued claims token
B.    domain root certificate
C.    trusted root certification authorities certificate 3
D.    public certification authority issued wildcard certificate

Answer: B

You plan to do a silent install of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook for 100 users.
Which option is needed?

A.    Log on to the machine and manually configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook after the install completes.
B.    Add the user credentials to the XML configuration file.
C.    Ensure the user running the script has domain administrator privileges.
D.    Ensure the user credentials are stored in the Windows vault

Answer: C

You were just hired as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system administrator.
You notice that the company is running CRM version number
You need to explain to your manager which version of CRM the company is running.
What should you tell your manager?

A.    The company is running major release 7 with minor release 1.
B.    The company is running major release 7 with update 1.
C.    The company is running major release 7 with service pack L
D.    The company is running major release 7 with spring release 1.

Answer: A

You deploy Dynamics CRM 2016.
You need to identify the maximum number of addresses that can be synchronized from a Microsoft Outlook contact to a contact record in Dynamics CRM.
How many should you identify?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: C

You have a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2016.
Your company signs an agreement with a hosting company that will host Dynamics CRM for your company.
The hosting company implements a new deployment of Dynamics CRM for your company.
You need to import one of the existing organizations to the new deployment of Dynamics CRM by using Deployment Manager.
What should you do first?

A.    From Deployment Manager, modify the existing organization.
B.    From Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, create a backup of the organization
C.    From File Explorer, copy the .mdb files.
D.    From the Dynamics CRM web application, export the site map.

Answer: A

You have a development environment of Dynamics CRM 2016 that contains one server.
Users report that they cannot access the server.
You discover that the Dynamics CRM services on the server stopped.
You start the services, but the users still cannot connect.
You need to identify the cause of the issue.
What should you identify?

A.    Another administrator removed the server from the Dynamics CRM environment.
B.    The Microsoft SQL Server database is corrupt.
C.    Another administrator disabled the server.
D.    The Active Directory domain controllers are unavailable.

Answer: B

You need to identify which type of file is used to store the definition for Dynamics CRM reports.
Which file type should you identify?

A.    RDL
B.    VSPX
C.    SQL
D.    RDLX

Answer: A

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