This page was exported from Lead2pass 100% Valid Exam Questions PDF Free Download [ ] Export date:Tue Jan 19 2:06:39 2021 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2018-3-30] Lead2pass 642-887 New Questions For Passing The 642-887 Certification Exam (138-150) --------------------------------------------------- Lead2pass 642-887 Exam Questions Free Download.v.2018-3-30.190q: QUESTION 138Refer to the exhibit. IT administrators report packet loss on the critical applications coming with CoS 4. Which option is the appropriate configuration to have a lower drop probability when the packets are processed using DSCP values? A.    set ip dscp af22B.    set ip dscp af41C.    set ip dscp af13D.    set ip dscp af32 Answer: B QUESTION 139An engineer looks at packet captures and sees that the MPLS header field of a packet indicates a bottom of stack field of 0. What can the engineer conclude from this information? A.    The packet is an AToM packetB.    One label is on the packetC.    At least one more MPLS label is on the packetD.    No labels are on the packet Answer: C QUESTION 140Which option is the correct definition of the LB on a Cisco router? A.    a table used by switching functions to forward labeled packetsB.    a table that holds the next hop for destination prefixesC.    a label-based adjacency tableD.    a table that stores remote and local label bindings Answer: A QUESTION 141Which two values must be specified in a Cisco NBAR configuration? (Choose two.) A.    port numberB.    IP precedenceC.    neighbor discovery addressD.    CoSE.    transport protocol Answer: AE QUESTION 142An engineer is deploying CB-WRED across the entire core network to enforce the previously deployed CBWFQ and decides to change the WRED default to make it work with DSCP. Which policy-map command enables this new profile on regular Cisco IOS routers? A.    random-detectB.    random-detect dscp valueC.    random-detect dscp basedD.    random-detect precedence value Answer: C QUESTION 143Which two protocols facilitate label bindings by neighboring routers? (Choose two.) A.    IS-ISB.    LDPC.    OSPFD.    EIGRPE.    BGP Answer: BE QUESTION 144Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer who is working for an ISP wants to override the QoS that comes from the customer. The engineer wants to set a QoS value of 5 for all traffic.What are two reasons why the configuration is not working? (Choose two.) A.    The service-policy command should point to the service policy, not to the class mapB.    The set command should reference CoS instead of MPLS EXP bitsC.    The service-policy configuration should be set as outputD.    The policy-map configuration needs to reference class-map Custom1E.    The number 350 in the xconnect command should appear after the encapsulation type Answer: AD QUESTION 145Which two values are class-selector DSCP values? (Choose two.) A.    001001B.    000111C.    111000D.    100000E.    000001 Answer: CD QUESTION 146Which IOS XR Software feature supports establishing point-to-point and point-to-multipoint TE tunnels traversing multiple IGP areas and levels allowing headend and tailend routers to reside in different areas? A.    loose hop reoptimizationB.    FRR mode protectionC.    interarea supportD.    loose hop expansion Answer: B QUESTION 147Which option describes the IPv6 flow label field? A.    a 3-bit field used for marking a traffic flowB.    an 8-bit field used for labeling a traffic flowC.    a 20-bit field used to tag a traffic flow throughout the networkD.    an 8-bit field out of which the first 6 are used to classify packets Answer: C QUESTION 148What is a crucial LDP default operating behavior? A.    LDP uses the solicited mode by default. An LDP label request is sent to the FIB next hop LSR. When the egress router receives the request, it returns message with all the label-mapping information for the LSP is generated.B.    LDP establishes a TCP session between the PE routers, thus providing label mapping for the LSPC.    LDP uses downstream unsolicited mode by default. An LSR advertises label mappings to peers without being askedD.    LDP uses UDP-confirmed messages to establish sessions between PE ingress and egress routers. The UDP messages encode the label information for each LSP and sub-LSP link Answer: C QUESTION 149Which statement defines how MPLS LDT Graceful Restart works after a service interruption? A.    It works independent of neighboring routers to recover MPLS forwarding informationB.    It works by helping all neighboring MPLS LDP routers to recover MPLS forwarding informationC.    It works by helping neighboring routers with MPLS LDP SSO/NSF and Graceful Restart to recover MPLS forwarding informationD.    It works independent of neighboring non-LDP Graceful Restart routers to recover MPLS forwardinginformation Answer: C QUESTION 150Which two factors must you consider when configuring MPLS EXP? (Choose two.) A.    MPLS EXP marking is supported in the egress directionB.    A packet that IP ToS classifies at ingress can be reclassified by MPLS EXP at egressC.    MPLS EXP marking is supported in the ingress directionD.    MPLS EXP classification for bridged MPLS packets on EVCs is supportedE.    A packet that MPLS classifies at ingress can be reclassified by IP ToS at egress Answer: CE 642-887 dumps full version (PDF&VCE): Large amount of free 642-887 exam questions on Google Drive: You may also need: 642-883 exam dumps: 642-885 exam dumps: 642-889 exam dumps: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2018-03-31 03:19:19 Post date GMT: 2018-03-31 03:19:19 Post modified date: 2018-03-31 03:19:19 Post modified date GMT: 2018-03-31 03:19:19 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from