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When a two-node cluster is expanded, which cluster configuration would be supported?

A.    a 4-node switched cluster
B.    a 4-node switchless cluster
C.    a 3-node switched cluster
D.    a 3-node switchless cluster

Answer: A
In the Cluster Expansion Moment, yes you need to join another node tot he cluster and after then one more. But the supported Cluster is only a 4-node switched Cluster.

You create a FlexVol volume to host files for a Windows-based application.
The administrator of the application is a Windows user.
The application does not support files access by Linux users.
Which security style should you assign to the volume?

A.    mixed
B.    unified
C.    NTFS
D.    UNIX

Answer: C
You can manage NTFS file security and audit policies on Vservers with FlexVol volumes by using the CLI. This removes the need to use a remote client to manage file security.

Which two link layer discovery protocols does NetApp ONTAP support? (Choose two.)

A.    Link Layer Topology Discovery Protocol
B.    Cisco Discovery Protocol
C.    Link Layer Discovery Protocol
D.    Foundry Discovery Protocol

Answer: BC
Data ONTAP supports two neighbor discovery protocols: Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), and starting in ONTAP 9.0, Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP).
ONTAP 9. 0 Network_Management_Guide (January 2017), page 93

You need to duplicate a production LUN for quality assurance testing. The LUN resides in svm_prod and needs to be available in svm_qa.
Both SVMs reside on the same cluster.
Which step will accomplish this task?

A.    Issue the lun move command.
B.    Issue the volume rehost command.
C.    Issue the lun copy command.
D.    Issue the volume move command.

Answer: C
Cluster administrators can copy a LUN across Storage Virtual Machines (SVMs) within the cluster by using the lun copy command.

What is the minimum number of disks required to create a data aggregate with a RAID type of RAID-TEC?

A.    7
B.    6
C.    5
D.    4

Answer: B
The aggregate that is to be converted to RAID-TEC must have a minimum of six disks.

NetApp ONTAP uses Snapshot copies for which two features? (Choose two.)

A.    cluster peering
B.    FlexClones
C.    FlexArray FLI
D.    SMTape

Answer: BD
You can create FlexClone files and FlexClone LUNs from an existing Snapshot copy of the parent files and parent LUNs contained in a FlexVol volume.
SMTape is a high performance disaster recovery solution from Data ONTAP that backs up blocks of data to tape. It is a Snapshot copy-based backup to tape feature.

Click the exhibit button.


You have a 2-node cluster named cl1 that has separate LIFs on each node for both SAN and NAS traffic.
A storage failover takeover process is initiated as shown in the exhibit.
In this scenario, which two statements about the takeover process are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The SAN LIFs on cl1-01 go offline.
B.    The NAS LIFs on cl1-01 automatically migrate to cl1-02.
C.    The NAS LIFs on cl1-01 go offline.
D.    The SAN LIFs on cl1-01 automatically migrate to cl1-02.

Answer: AB

You are creating the source and destination SVMs for a new SVM disaster recovery relationship.
Which SVM set of subtypes should you choose?

A.    Source SVM default, Destination SVM: default
B.    Source SVM default, Destination SVM: dp-destination
C.    Source SVM default, Destination SVM: sync-dest
D.    Source SVM default, Destination SVM: sync-dest

Answer: B
A destination Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) is an SVM with the dp-destination subtype created for protecting a source SVM that serves data.
A destination SVM contains replicated data and configuration of the source SVM.

You have a volume in an SVM that needs to be moved to a different SVM.
You do not have room to copy the volume to the other SVM.
Which ONTAP command will accomplish this task?

A.    volume rehost
B.    volume mount
C.    volume modify
D.    volume move

Answer: A
If you have been working with Netapp Clustered Data Ontap for a while now you would no doubt have performed quite a few volume moves. However one limitation of the volume move command was that you couldn’t move the volume between storage virtual machines (SVM’s). Starting with Ontap 9 we can now move a volume between Storage Virtual Machines (SVM’s). This is done with the volume rehost command.

Click the Exhibit button.


On the first LUN entry shown in the exhibit, a hyphen (-) appears under reporting-nodes.
What are two reasons why the hyphen appears? (Choose two.)

A.    The hyphen indicates that no nodes are reporting paths to the LUN.
B.    The hyphen indicates that all nodes are reporting paths to the LUN.
C.    The hyphen is the default for SLM on LUNs create in ONTAP 8.3 and later.
D.    The hyphen is the default for SLM on LUNs create before ONTAP 8.3.

Answer: BC
Verify that the LUN map contains four nodes by using the lun mapping show -fields reporting-nodes command.
cluster1::> lun mapping show -vserver SVM1 -volume vol1 -fields reporting-nodes vserver path igroup reporting-nodes
——– ———– ——– ———————————————
SVM1 /vol/vol1 ig1 cluster1-1,cluster1-2,cluster1-3,cluster1-4 If the cluster contains only four nodes and all four are included as reporting-nodes, the reporting-nodes field displays a dash (-).

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