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Your customer needs to set up Fixed assets and treat them as though they were purchased and placed in service at the mid-point of the first year, no matter when during that year the purchase was actually made.
Which depreciation convention should you use when creating the depreciation profile?

A.    full month
B.    half year
C.    mid quarter
D.    mid month

Answer: B

An accountant wants to create a journal of amount 100 USD, exclusive of sales tax, against a custom-er.
The accountant needs to modify the “Amount incl. salex tax” field so that it applies only to the journal created.
Which setting should the accountant use?

A.    Individual Journal line
B.    Individual Journal from
C.    General ledger, Journal names from
D.    General ledger, Parameters from

Answer: D

A vendor contacts you about an unpaid invoice.
You verify that a check was printed and mailed one month ago.
The vendor did not receive the check.
You need to reissue a check to the vendor.
Which action should you perform?

A.    Create a reversing entry by using the General journal form, and then reissue the payment.
B.    Void the check from the original payment journal, and then reissue the payment.
C.    Reverse the payment from the Vendor transactions form, and then reissue the payment.
D.    Process a payment reversal from the Checks form, and then reissue the payment.

Answer: D

You need to ensure that when a check is paid to your vendors, only one check is generated for each vendor.
What should you configure?

A.    Terms of payments
B.    Payment day
C.    Payment schedule
D.    Method of payment

Answer: D

You are an account payable clerk.
When creating purchase order invoices, your company has a policy that you must match the purchase order, product receipt quantities, and amounts to the vendor invoice.
In the Accounts Payable Parameters, which line-matching policy should you choose?

A.    two-way matching
B.    charges matching
C.    not required
D.    three-way matching

Answer: C

You are an accountant.
You are creating your travel expense budget for the fiscal year and want to enter the same budget amount for each month.
On the budget register entry, which option should you choose?

A.    transfer balances
B.    allocate across dimensions
C.    enter recurrence
D.    allocate across periods

Answer: A

You are an accounts payable manager.
You receive a rent invoice from a vendor for the next quarter. The total amount of the invoice is 300 USD.
If you directly enter the amount, all of the charges will be allocated for the same period.
However, you want to post the invoice in each appropriate period.
What should you create?

A.    Voucher template
B.    Ledger accruals
C.    Periodic journal
D.    Ledger allocation rules

Answer: A

You are an accounts payable clerk. During a check run, Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials generates a check and posts the payment journal.
The check is sent to the vendor, but you then learn form the vendor that the check has not been received.
In order to reversethe check payment, which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Go into the check reversal journal, and post the check reversal
B.    From the Settle transaction screen on the vendor record, select the invoice and payment, and post it.
C.    From the checks from select to reverse the check
D.    Create a new vendor payment journal and add a reversing entry.

Answer: CD

You are configuring a budget plan to automatically spread.
Which allocation method should you use?

A.    The Aggregate allocation method
B.    The Allocate across periods method
C.    The Distribute allocation method
D.    The Allocate across dimensions method

Answer: B

Your organization uses Microsoft Dynamics AX.
You need to set up journal names for the General journal.
Which journal type should you specify?

A.    Allocation
B.    Periodic
C.    Approval
D.    Daily

Answer: D

A financial controller wants to match the total amounts on an invoice to the total amounts on a pur-chase order. Which type of matching should the controller use?

A.    Two-way matching
B.    Not required
C.    Charges matching
D.    Three-way matching

Answer: D

You are an accounts receivable manager.
You need to categorize the customer payment journal lines as deposits for reporting purposes on the bank statement.
What should this manager create and define on the journal lines to categorize them as deposits?

A.    default descriptions
B.    reason code
C.    payment reference
D.    bank transaction type

Answer: B

You are setting up a system to process supplier taxes.
You want to set up the tax so that a user can deduct the tax from a supplier invoice and report the deducted tax to tax authorities.
Which tax type should you set up?

A.    standard sales tax
B.    withholding sales tax
C.    sales tax exemption
D.    conditional sales taxes

Answer: C

You are the director of finance.
You are starting to create budgets for the fiscal year and want to generate budget plans from source information.
Which three options can you choose from in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Generate budget plan from general ledger.
B.    Generate budget plan from fixed assets
C.    Generate budget plan from forecast positions
D.    Generate budget plan from yearly sales
E.    Generate budget plans from yearly purchases

Answer: BDE

What are the three advanced collection management tasks that are performed in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials to manage collections? Each correct answer presents the part of the solution.

A.    waive, reinstate, or reverse interest and fees
B.    create write-off transactions
C.    set up interest codes
D.    set up Customer pool
E.    process non-sufficient funds (NSF) payments

Answer: C

Your company receives several invoices on which the sales lax amount differs from what Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials calculates automatically.
To make the sales tax amounts match the invoices, you need to revise the sales tax amount on a transaction before posting.
What are the three types of revisions that you can perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Enter a correction of the sales tax amount in the “Actual sales tax amount” field for a selected sales tax code line.
B.    Enter an adjustment amount in the “Actual sales tax charge” field if the transaction has several sales tax code lines.
C.    Enter adjustments to the use tax amount in the “Total actual sales tax amount” field if the sales tax code line applies to use taxes.
D.    Enter adjustments to the use tax amount in the “Actual sales tax charge” field if the sales tax code line applies to use taxes.
E.    Enter an adjustment amount in the “Total actual sales tax amount” field if the transaction has several sales tax code lines.

Answer: D

You are the accounting manager at your company.
Recently, the company started conducting business with a customer in a different location. You need to create setup procedures that can be used to report sales taxes to the government of this location.
What should you do?

A.    Set up sales-tax payable.
B.    Set up sales-tax authorities.
C.    Set up sales-tax receivable.
D.    Set up use-tax payable.

Answer: D

You are an accounts payable manager.
Your company buys office supplies from an out-of-state vendor. The vendor charges 100.00 USD for the supplies and no tax. The company may still owe taxes to the sales tax authority in its own state. You need to define the ledger account to manage these transactions.
Which account group should you choose?

A.    use-tax payable
B.    use-tax expense
C.    sales-tax receivable
D.    sales-tax payable

Answer: B

You are the controller in a foreign subsidiary of your company. You are creating a sales order with no sales tax for a foreign customer. You need to report this sales by creating a tax code.
What should you set up in this situation?

A.    conditional sales tax
B.    withholding sales tax
C.    standard sales tax
D.    sales tax exemption

Answer: A

Your company is planning on using budget control.
You need to designate which document types will have budget control on line-entry and which document types will have budget control upon posting.
Which three documents allow you to enable the budget control at line-entry? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Purchase Requisitions
B.    Sales Orders
C.    Project Timesheets
D.    Expense Reports
E.    Purchase Orders

Answer: A

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