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A.    Main memory of 8 GB or moreB.    PCI-e video card with large amount of memoryC.    More than 4 accessible USB 2.0 portsD.    A 32-bit OS to handle the large amount of expected disk I/OE.    An eSATA external drive Answer: ABExplanation:CAD applications need high memory and CPU resources to function optimally. Therefore, 8 GB main memory and a PCI-e video card with big memory is needed to render the drawings optimally. QUESTION 402A user, Ann, is experiencing headaches and motion sickness symptoms when using her new computer monitor. Which of the following can a technician adjust to help Ann? A.    Privacy filterB.    Refresh rateC.    Use a digital signalD.    Brightness Answer: B QUESTION 403Which of the following protocols is used by a server to assign IP addresses? A.    DNSB.    SMTPC.    LDAPD.    DHCP Answer: D QUESTION 404Which of the following protocols is used to translate fully qualified domain names into IP addresses? A.    LDAPB.    DNSC.    DHCPD.    SMTP Answer: B QUESTION 405Which of the following is enabled in the BIOS that will prompt a user, Joe, to enter his password every time the laptop performs a POST? A.    Power User accessB.    Power on passwordC.    Administrative passwordD.    User profile access Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 406Which of the following is a private class B IP address? A. Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 407Which of the following is the MOST important aspect of the chain of custody? A.    ReportingB.    PreservationC.    ObservationD.    Documentation Answer: D QUESTION 408Which of the following Internet connection types usually has access controlled with PPPoE security authentication? A.    WiMAXB.    LTEC.    CableD.    DSL Answer: D QUESTION 409Which of the following laptop components provides direct electrical supply to illuminate the screen's image? A.    DC jackB.    CMOS batteryC.    InverterD.    Backlight Answer: C QUESTION 410Ann, a technician, is sent to a chemical company to troubleshoot their server. She is concerned about what types of chemicals she will be exposed to. Which of the following documents would address Ann's concerns? A.    Inventory spreadsheetB.    Statement of workC.    MSDS documentD.    Incident report Answer: C QUESTION 411A technician is connecting an old dot matrix printer to a computer. The printer's cable has a non- rectangular connector that connects to a pink port in the back of the computer. This type of connection is MOST likely which of the following? A.    USBB.    EthernetC.    ParallelD.    Bluetooth Answer: C QUESTION 412Which of the following Internet connection types uses analog transmission? (Select TWO). A.    DSLB.    Dial-upC.    IDSND.    WiMAXE.    Satellite Answer: AB QUESTION 413Which of the following transmission methods is dependent on line of sight? A.    802.11B.    RFC.    BluetoothD.    IR Answer: D QUESTION 414Which of the following cable types has the LONGEST transmission range? A.    CAT6B.    CAT5eC.    Single-mode fiberD.    Multimode fiber Answer: C QUESTION 415Which of the following laser printer parts creates the image on the drum that picks up toner? A.    Fusing assemblyB.    Registration assemblyC.    Laser scanner assemblyD.    Transfer roller Answer: C QUESTION 416When servicing a laptop, which of the following components usually requires the keyboard to be removed before the component can be replaced? A.    ProcessorB.    Hard driveC.    BatteryD.    Optical drive Answer: A QUESTION 417Which of the following laptop displays would provide the BEST viewing angle? A.    Passive matrixB.    TFT LCDC.    DLPD.    Plasma Answer: B QUESTION 418Which of the following ports is used by default for DNS traffic? A.    25B.    53C.    143D.    3389 Answer: B QUESTION 419A user who performs data entry would like to use the number pad on a laptop that does not have one. Which of the following solutions should a technician recommend? (Select TWO). A.    Use a Bluetooth connected mobile deviceB.    Use a USB connected Number PadC.    Install number pad software in WindowsD.    Enable the number pad using a function keyE.    Re-map keys using Character Map Answer: BD QUESTION 420A technician is attempting to salvage an old laptop for further use. Which of the following parts are MOST likely to be considered upgradeable in a laptop? (Select TWO). A.    MotherboardB.    MemoryC.    Hard driveD.    ScreenE.    Video card Answer: BC QUESTION 421A user would like to buy a new computer and will eventually add several more hard drives and possibly a second video card. Which of the following form factors should be recommended? A.    ITXB.    Micro-ATXC.    Mini-ITXD.    ATX Answer: D QUESTION 422Which of the following modules of DDR SDRAM is designed to operate at 200 MHz using DDR- 400 chips? A.    PC-1600B.    PC-2100C.    PC-2700D.    PC-3200 Answer: D QUESTION 423Which of the following are MOST commonly used to connect a printer to a computer? (Select TWO). A.    EIDEB.    RG-6C.    IEEE1394D.    EthernetE.    DB-9 Answer: DE QUESTION 424Which of the following processor socket types would support an AMD processor? (Select TWO). A.    FB.    LGAC.    940D.    775E.    1155 Answer: AC QUESTION 425Which of the following protocols is used to capture various parameters from network devices in a secure manner? A.    SNMPB.    SSLC.    SSHD.    SMTP Answer: A More free Lead2pass 220-901 exam new questions on Google Drive: All the 220-901 exam questions are 100% verified by their experts team. So there is no chances of errors. 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