This page was exported from Lead2pass 100% Valid Exam Questions PDF Free Download [ ] Export date:Sat Jan 16 0:33:38 2021 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017-Dec-New] 200-125 Latest Dumps Free Download From Lead2pass (346-355) --------------------------------------------------- 200-125 easy pass study guide: Preparing for Cisco 200-125 exam is really a tough task to accomplish. However, Lead2pass delivers the most comprehensive 200-125 braindumps, covering each and every aspect of 200-125 exam curriculum. Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 346On a network of one department, there are four PCs connected to a switch, as shown in the following figure: After the Switch1 restarts. Host A ( the host on the left ) sends the first frame to Host C (the host on the right). What the first thing should the switch do?   A.    Switch1 will add to the switching table.B.    Switch1 will add to the switching table.C.    Switch1 will add 000A.8A47.E612 to the switching table.D.    None of the above Answer: C QUESTION 347Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator is in a campus building distant from Building B. WANRouter is hosting a newly installed WAN link on interface S0/0. The new link is not functioning and the administrator needs to determine if the correct cable has been attached to the S0/0 interface. How can the administrator accurately verify the correct cable type on S0/0 in the most efficient manner? A.    Telnet to WANRouter and execute the command show interfaces S0/0B.    Telnet to WANRouter and execute the command show processes S0/0C.    Telnet to WANRouter and execute the command show running-configurationD.    Telnet to WANRouter and execute the command show controller S0/0E.    Physically examine the cable between WANRouter S0/0 and the DCE.F.    Establish a console session on WANRouter and execute the command show interfaces S0/0 Answer: D QUESTION 348While troubleshooting a connectivity issue from a PC you obtain the following information: Local PC IP address: Gateway: Sever: You then conduct the following tests from the local PC: Ping - SuccessfulPing - SuccessfulPing - UnsuccessfulPing - UnsuccessfulWhat is the underlying cause of this problem? A.    A remote physical layer problem exists.B.    The host NIC is not functioning.C.    TCP/IP has not been correctly installed on the host.D.    A local physical layer problem exists. Answer: D QUESTION 349Which Cisco platform can verify ACLs? A.    Cisco Prime InfrastructureB.    Cisco Wireless LAN ControllerC.    Cisco APIC-EMD.    Cisco IOS-XE Answer: C QUESTION 350This graphic shows the results of an attempt to open a Telnet connection to router ACCESS1 from router Remote27. Which of the following command sequences will correct this problem? A.    ACCESS1(config)# line console 0    ACCESS1(config-line)# password ciscoB.    Remote27(config)# line console 0    Remote27(config-line)# login    Remote27(config-line)# password ciscoC.    ACCESS1(config)# line vty 0 4    ACCESS1(config-line)# login    ACCESS1(config-line)# password ciscoD.    Remote27(config)# line vty 0 4    Remote27(config-line)# login    Remote27(config-line)# password ciscoE.    ACCESS1(config)# enable password ciscoF.    Remote27(config)# enable password cisco Answer: C QUESTION 351When upgrading the IOS image, the network administrator receives the exhibited error message. What could be the cause of this error? A.    The new IOS image is too large for the router flash memory.B.    The TFTP server is unreachable from the router.C.    The new IOS image is not correct for this router platform.D.    The IOS image on the TFTP server is corrupt.E.    There is not enough disk space on the TFTP server for the IOS image. Answer: B QUESTION 352Refer to the exhibit, Host A pings interface S0/0 on router 3, what is the TTL value for that ping? A.    253B.    252C.    255D.    254 Answer: A QUESTION 353Which statement is true, as relates to classful or classless routing? A.    Automatic summarization at classful boundries can cause problems on discontinuous subnetsB.    EIGRP and OSPF are classful routing protocols and summarize routes by defaultC.    RIPv1 and OSPF are classless routing protocolsD.    Classful routing protocols send the subnet mask in routing updates Answer: A QUESTION 354Refer to the exhibit. Why does the telnet connecting fail when a host attempts to connect a remote router?A.    No password was set for tty linesB.    No password was set for aux linesC.    No password was set for vty linesD.    No password was set for cty lines Answer: C QUESTION 355Which name describes an IPV6 host-enable tunneling technique that uses IPV4 UDP,does not require dedicated gateway tunnels,and can pass through existing IPV4 NAT gateways? A.    dual stackB.    dynamicC.    TeredoD.    Manual 6to4 Answer: C More free Lead2pass 200-125 exam new questions on Google Drive: Lead2pass provides guarantee of Cisco 200-125 exam because Lead2pass is an authenticated IT certifications site. The 200-125 dump is updated with regular basis and the answers are rechecked of every exam. 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