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QUESTION 311You have a self-hosted Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service.You need to configure the service to provide an X.509 certificate during authenticationWhat should you use to configure the service? A.    the Certificate property of the X509CertificatelnitiatorServiceCredential classB.    the SetCertificate method of the X509CertificatelnitiatorServiceCredential classC.    the SetCertificate method of the X5O9CertificateRecipientServiceCredential classD.    the TrustedStoreLocation property of the X5O9CertificateRecipientServiceCredential class Answer: C QUESTION 313You are integrating a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service within an enterprise wide Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).Your service has the following service contract:[ServiceContract]public class CreditCardConfirmationService{    [OperationContract]    boolean ConfirmCreditCard(string ccNumber);    double OrderAmount(int orderNumber);}You need to allow the code in the ConfirmCreditCard method to participate automatically in existing transactions.If there is no existing transaction, a new transaction must be created automatically.What should you do? A.    Inside the ConfirmCreditCard method, surround the code that must participate in thetransaction with a using(new TransactionScope()) block.B.    Inside the ConfirmCreditCard method, surround the code that must participate in thetransaction with a using(new CommittableTransaction()) block.C.    Add an [OperationBehavior(TransactionScopeRequired=true)] attribute to theConfirmCreditCard method.D.    Add an [OperationBehavior(TransactionAutoComplete=true)] attribute to theConfirmCreditCard method. Answer: C QUESTION 314A Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service sends notifications when the service is started and stopped.You need to implement a client that logs these notifications.Which class should you use? A.    AnnouncementServiceB.    AnnouncementClientC.    DiscoveryClientD.    HttpListener Answer: A QUESTION 315You are developing a client that sends several types of SOP messages to a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service method named PostData PostData is currently defined as follows:[OperationContract?void PostData(Order data);You need to modify PostData so that it can receive any SO6P messagewhich code segment should you use? A.    [OperaionContract0sOneWay true, Action = `v',ReplyAction void PostData(Order data);B.    (OperationContract(1sOneWay = true, Action "v',ReplyAction = ".`) addPostData(BodyWriterdata);C.    [OperaionContract] void PostDaa(BodyWriter data);D.    [OperationContract] void PostDaa(Message data); Answer: D QUESTION 316A Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) client and service share the following service contract interface.[ServiceContract]public interface IContosoService {[OperationContract]void SavePerson(Person person);}They also use the following binding.NetTcpBinding binding new NetTcpBinding { TransactionFlow = true };The client calls the service with the following codeusing (TransactionScope ts = new TransactionScope(TransactionScopeOption.Required)){ IContosoService client = factoryCreateChannelO;client SavePerson(person);ConsoleWriteLine(TransactionCurrentTransactionlnformation.Distributedldentifier);tsCompleteO;}The service has the following implementation for SavePersonpublic void IContosoService SavePerson(Person person){ person.Saveo;ConsoleWriteLine(TransactionCurrentTransactionlnformation.Distributedidentifier);}The distributed identifiers do not match on the client and the serverYou need to ensure that the client and server enlist in the same distributed transactionWhat should you do? A.    Add the following attributes to the SavePerson operation on IContosoService.[OperationBehavior(TransactionScope.Required = true)][TransactionFlow(TransactionFlowOption.Mandatory)]B.    Add the following attributes to the SavePerson operation on lContosoService[TransactionFlow(TransactionFlowOption.Mandatory)][OperationBehavior(TransactionScope.Required = true)]C.    Add the following attribute to the SavePerson operation on lContosoService[OperationBehavior(TransactionScope.Required = true)]Add the following attribute to the implementation of SavePerson.[TransactionFlow(TransactionFlowOption.Allowed)]D.    Add the following attribute to the SavePerson operation on lContosoService[TransactionFlow(TransactionFlowOption.Allowed)]Add the following attribute to the implementation of SavePerson.[OperationBehavior(TransactionScope.Required = true)] Answer: D QUESTION 317A Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) client uses the following service contract. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)01 [ServiceContract]02 public interface IService03 {04     [OperationContract]05     string Operation1();06     [OperationContract]07     string Operation2();08 }You need to ensure that all calls to Operation1 and Operation2 from the client are encrypted and signed.What should you do? A.    Set the ProtectionLevel property in line 01 to EncryptAndSign.B.    Set the ProtectionLevel property in line 04 and line 06 to Sign.C.    Add a SecurityCriticalAttribute ror each operation.D.    Add a SecunitySafeCriticalAttribute for each operation. Answer: A QUESTION 318You are creating a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service that implements operations in a RESTful manner. You need to add a delete operation.You implement the delete method as follows:void DeleteItems(string id);You need to configure WCF to call this method when the client calls the service with the HTTP DELETE operation. What should you do? A.    Add the WebInvoke(UriTemplate="/Items/{id}", Method="DELETE")attribute to the operationB.    Add the HttpDelete atribute to the operationC.    Replace the string parameter with a RemovedActivityAction parameterD.    Replace the return type with RemovedActivityAction. Answer: A QUESTION 319A WCF service code is implemented as follows. (Line numbers are included for reference only)01 [ServiceContract]02 [ServiceBehavior(lnstanceContextMode =03 lnstanceContextModeSingle)]04 public class CalculatorService05 {06 [OperationContract]07 public double Calculate(double op1, string op. double op2)08 {24 }25 }You need to increase the rate by which clients get the required response from the service.What e two possible ways to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete sokiion Choose two.) A.    Change the service behavior to the following:[ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode=InstanceContextMode.Single,ConcurrencyMode=ConcurrencyMode.Multiple)]B.    Change the service behavior to the following.[ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode=InstanceContextMode.PerCall)]C.    Require the clients use threads, the Parallel Task Library, or other mechanism to issueservice calls in parallel.D.    Require the clients to use async operations when calling the senvice. Answer: AB QUESTION 320You are developing a windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service that will be hosted in Microsoft Intemnet Information Services (IIS) 7.0.The service must be hosted in an lIs application named Info.You need to enable this senvice to be hosted in llS by changing the web.config fileWhich XML segment should you add to the web.config file? 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