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Which two parts must the engineer enable to protect the Cisco Unified Communications Manager from SIP attacks on any newly created SIP trunks? (Choose two.) A.    SIP Station TCP Port Throttle ThresholdB.    Denial - of - Service Protection FlagC.    SIP TCP Unused Connection TimerD.    SIP Max incoming Message HeadersE.    SIP Max incoming Message SizeF.    SIP trunk TCP Port Throttle ThresholdAnswer: CE QUESTION 482Which two services must be enabled on the routing servers when configuring Partitioned Intradomain Federation? (Choose two.) A.    Cisco XCP Directory ServiceB.    Cisco XCP RouterC.    Cisco Presence EngineD.    Cisco XCP SIP Federation Connection ManagerE.    Cisco XCP Connection ManagerF.    Cisco SIP Proxy Answer: BFExplanation:Configure the Routing NodeFor multi-node chat-only deployments, choose an IM and Presence Service cluster node to act as the routing node. To provide extra capacity for routing, there should be no users assigned to the routing node. The routing node acts as a front- end server, accepting inbound SIP requests from Lync/OCS and routing those requests to the appropriate cluster node that homes the recipient.Note For chat+calling deployments with Lync, and for single-node deployments, you can skip this procedure as there is no need to configure a routing node.ProcedureStep 1 From the Cisco Unified IM and Presence Serviceability user interface, choose Tools > Service Activation.Step 2 From the Server drop-down menu, choose the cluster node that you want to designate as the routing node. The routing node should have no users assigned.Step 3 Check the Cisco SIP Proxy feature service.Step 4 Uncheck the following feature services:Cisco Presence EngineCisco XCP Text Conference ManagerCisco XCP Web Connection ManagerCisco XCP Connection ManagerCisco XCP SIP Federation Connection ManagerCisco XCP XMPP Federation Connection ManagerCisco XCP Message ArchiverCisco XCP Directory ServiceCisco XCP Authentication ServiceStep 5 Click Save.Step 6 Confirm that the CIsco XCP Router network service is running. Because the service is a network service it is running by default, unless you previously disabled it.Choose Tools > Control Center ¬ Network Services.From the Server drop-down menu, select the routing node and click Go.If the CIsco XCP Router service is not running, check the corresponding radio button, and click Star QUESTION 483In addition to SIP triggers types can invoke applications on Cisco Utility Express? (Choose two.) A.    JTAPIB.    Cisco Unified CM TelephonyC.    VoiceViewD.    IMAPE.    Voice mailF.    HTTP Answer: AF QUESTION 484An Engineer is configuring a CUBE interoperability with a SIP Service Provider. What are the three different ways Mid -Call Re - Invites function to ensure smooth interoperability of supplementary services? (Choose three.) A.    provides early offer to delay offer codec change in 200 OK messageB.    provides support for media flow ?around in early offer forced call flowsC.    converts a delayed offer to an early offerD.    allows interoperability for video ?related featuresE.    allows pass through of mid- call signalling on media changeF.    blocks all mid- call signalling for specific SIP trunk Answer: DEF QUESTION 485Which three services must be stopped to change the IM&Presence service default domain setting of DOMAIN NOT SET? (Choose three.) A.    Cisco SIP ProxyB.    Cisco ASL Web ServiceC.    Cisco XCP RouterD.    Cisco XCP Authentication ServiceE.    Cisco Intercluster Sync AgentF.    Cisco Presence Engine Answer: ACF QUESTION 486A service provider wants to use a controller to automate the provisioning of service function chaining. Which two overlay technologies can be used with EVPN MP- BGP to create the service chains in the data centre? (Choose two.) A.    VXLANB.    MPLSoGREC.    Provider Backbone Bridging EVPND.    802.1QE.    MPLS L2VPN Answer: AC QUESTION 487Which option describes how NVF, OpenStack and KVM relate to each other? A.    OpenStack and KVM can be used to provide NVFB.    OpenStack and KVM are not related to NVFC.    NVF and KVM are based on OpenStackD.    OpenStack and NVF enable KVM. Answer: B QUESTION 488The UCCX consultant is creating a new script must perform an action after the call is terminated between the agent and the caller used to perform this post call action? A.    The delay step to allow the call to continue after audio call termination.B.    the OnExcpetionClear step to allow the script to continue to the next command in the scriptC.    the Goto step to allow the script to continue to the next command in the script.D.    the CallSubFlow step to continue on to the next command. Answer: C QUESTION 489Which computing model does Fog use? A.    ClusterB.    DistributedC.    CentralizedD.    Grid Answer: B QUESTION 490Within infrastructure as a Service, which two components are managed by the provider? (Choose two.) A.    applicationsB.    dataC.    networkingD.    serversE.    runtime Answer: CD QUESTION 491Which two characteristics should a collaboration engineer be aware of before enabling LATM on a Cisco Unified Border Element router? (Choose two.) A.    Box-To-Box High Availability Support feature is not supported.B.    Configure LATM under a voice class or dial peer is not supported.C.    SIP UPDATE message outlined in RFC3311 is not supported.D.    Codec transcoding between LATM and other codecs is not supportedE.    Dual tone multi-frequency interworking with LATM codec is not supported.F.    Basic calls using flow-around or flow-through is not supported. Answer: DE QUESTION 492Which OpenStack component can be used to create on object-based storage strategy? A.    GlanceB.    SwiftC.    NovaD.    Neutron Answer: B QUESTION 493Tom Lee is an active user in a Cisco Unified CM deployment with fully functional LDAP synchronization and authentication to an Active Directory. Daily resynchronization is set at 11:00 pm. At 8:00 am on March 1st 2014 this user was deleted from AD. What is the status of this user in the Unified CM database at 1:00 am on March 2nd 2014? A.    activeB.    inactiveC.    permanently deleted awaitingD.    authorizationE.    delete pending Answer: B QUESTION 494A collaboration engineer has been asked to implement secure real-time protocol between a Cisco Unified CM and its SIP gateways. Which option is a consideration for this implementation? A.    SRTP is supported only in Cisco IOS 15.x and higherB.    Only T.38 and Cisco Fax protocols are supported.C.    Call hold RE-INVITE is not supported.D.    SIP requires that all times be sent in GMT Answer: D QUESTION 495Which option is the main advantage of using Cisco UCS Director within a data centre environment? A.    it uses auto discovery to detect, manage, and provision system components.B.    It uses automated workflows for resource provisioningC.    It Supports, service chaining for physical and virtual services.D.    It supports inventory and fault management across multiple Cisco devices Answer: BExplanation:Cisco UCS Director can help you keep up. It replaces manual data center provisioning with automated workflows to increase IT consistency and speed. QUESTION 496You consider using RPL in a new loT environment. Which definition of a DIO is true? A.    A DIO is an ICMPv6 RPL control message whose main function is to perform DODAG secure message countersB.    A DIO is an ICMPv4 RPL control message whose main function is to perform DODAG discovery, formation, and maintenanceC.    A DIO is an ICMPv6 RPL control message whose main function is to perform DODAG discovery, formation, and maintenanceD.    A DIO is an ICMPv4 RPL control message whose main function is to propagate destination information in a RPL network Answer: CExplanation:RPL messages are carried via ICMPv6 message. The following messages are available:DAG Information Solicitation (DIS)DAG Information Object (DIO)Destination Advertisement Object (DAO)RPL DIO messages are sent for DODAG discovery and maintenance. DIO are multicasted according to trickle timers. DIO messages are used for DODAG discovery and maintenance.Use the dao solicit-interval command to configure the frequency (in minutes) at which the root can solicit destination advertisement messages from the downstream nodes. The mode of operation setting is specified as part of instance ID definition. You can also increment the version number using the version-number version keyword argument pair in the rpl command. QUESTION 497Which Cisco Unity Connection call handler greeting, when enabled overrides all other greetings? A.    ClosedB.    HolidayC.    AlternateD.    InternalE.    Busy Answer: C QUESTION 498Which two steps are valid to use when deploying a new identity process to Cisco Unified Communications Manger subscribers? (Choose two) A.    Mount the floppy disk image with the configuration file from the AFGB.    Import the subscriber virtual, machines with the appropriate OVA templateC.    Run the command utils set-import on the template VM.D.    Perform a skip installE.    Mount the Cisco Unified Communications Manager ISO file. Answer: AD QUESTION 499A Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express Manager wants to add database integration to self - service interactive voice response application. Which four types of licensing and database servers support this requirement? (Choose four) A.    Oracle Database ServiceB.    UCCX Standard LicenseC.    UCCX Enhanced LicenseD.    Microsoft SQL ServerE.    UCCX Premium LicenseF.    SAP SQL ServerG.    Sybase AdaptiveH.    Postgress SQL Server Answer: ADEG QUESTION 500An engineer is troubleshooting Cisco Jabber Federation where the server cannot discover the external Lync domains using SRV records. Which two steps resolve this problem? (Choose two)? A.    Configure the port number as 5065.B.    Configure the destination pattern as "".C.    Set the Next Hop value as the IP address of the Microsoft Lync Server.D.    Configure the destination pattern as ".com.lyncdomainname*"E.    Configure the port number as 5060.F.    Set the protocol to TLS.G.    Set the Next Hop value as the IP address of the Lync Domain servers.H.    Set the protocol to TCP. Answer: FG Lead2pass is the leader in 400-051 certification test questions with training materials for Cisco 400-051 exam dumps. Lead2pass Cisco training tools are constantly being revised and updated. We 100% guarantee Cisco 400-051 exam questions with quality and reliability which will help you pass Cisco 400-051 exam. 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